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Spectrum and cassette games

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer games designed and produced by Clive Brooker 1982-1991, published and unpublished.


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The World of Spectrum

The World of Spectrum

The World Of Spectrum must be the premier web site for the most extensive and complete archive of all Spectrum software that was ever published. It includes just about everything, Spectrum emulators, links to magazine articles and reviews. This site is an absolute must for anyone interested in the Sinclair Spectrum.

The PC Emulator that I think works very well without issue, is Fuse, by Philip Kendall & the Fuse team.

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Spectrum Computing

Spectrum Computing is another resource offering a huge selection of software, emulators, magazine reviews and just so much more. Its front page offers you the opportunity to fill in just a single or multiple boxes for a very thorough search of the database.

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Tipshop is the central archive for all Spectrum and SAM games hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks and pokes. The site is maintained by Gerard Sweeny and Nick Humphries and is your one stop shop for all Hints Tips and even cheats.

This central Resource ensures that fans of Sinclair Spectrum (& Sam) games from a bygone era can still take advantage of Hints and Tips which otherwise would have gone the way of the Dodo!

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History by Anthony Guter

This interesting site catalogues the history of the budget publisher Mastertronic. This is provided by Anthony Guter who was their financial controller. Mastertronic published three of my games (The Empire Fights Back, One Man and His Droid and Lap of the Gods), and OMAHD was converted to four other home computers of the time. These conversions were excellent and it was a credit to the professionalism of the entire team. It was always good to receive a letter from Anthony (royalty cheques) and this company always made sure that their programmers were actually paid. Well done!

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Crash Magazine

Crash the ZX Spectrum magazine

The monthly magazine Crash, first published in February 1984, became the premier Spectrum computer games magazine of the era. In common with most magazines, later in their life, they included free game tapes and the July 1989 edition (issue 66) included my game One Man and His Droid. Click here to go directly to the on-line Crash edition of the instructions. Crash reviewed OMAHD in issue 23 with a score of 76%.

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This site has got to be seen, or rather heard, to be believed. One Man and His Droid was converted to the C64 and Rob Hubbard wrote the fantastic music for that version. Taking the original raw SID music from the C64, Chris Abbott and his team (together with original authors on occasion) have recreated musical masterpieces! The reworking of OMAHD is spectacular and now available on audio CD - Back In Time III-. This site offers opportunities to hear snippets of the the tracks from the CD. One Man And His Droid kicks in at 13.37 on the sample timeline. To say that this site is professional is an understatement. It may not be Spectrum, but it is most certainly well worth a visit. You will not be disappointed, trust me!

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Direct link to Freehostia site host this legacy "Hobbyist" Website. Straightforward to setup and a pleasure to use. No advertising on your website is a big plus point.

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View Games and info at The World Of Spectrum by clicking on a game sleeve below

There are some YouTube links below.

The droid from One Man and His Droid

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Knight Driver

Play Knight Driver

Knight Driver is a simple, drive the car around the course and don't hit anything. It plays in two modes, Learner (fuel expires quicker if you hit the walls), or Professional, (5 Cars and lose a life with each collision). The Spectrum keyboard controls do not translate to a PC very comfortably. Keys:- P,L or D at main screen, then Enter to start.

Z=rotate clockwise
Comma=rotate anticlockwise
Space= accelerate, Full stop=slow down.

Click here for instructions

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The Empire Fights Back

Play The Empire Fights Back

The Empire Fights Back was my first game published by Mastertronic. I recall demonstrating the game to their John Maxwell and signing contracts with Jim Darling. Incidentally, his sons, Richard and David, went on to form Codemasters, still creating and publishing games today.

Mastertronic did a fabulous job with re-naming the game (much better than my Airwolf 2000) and the cover sleeve artwork. However, they were not entirely convinced about the game and neither released it to reviewers, nor converted it to other formats. It did, however, sell rather well and I still think it was a fair game for its era. This YouTube link is fun.

Click here for instructions

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One Man And His Droid

Play One Man and His Droid

One Man and His Droid was undoubtedly the most successful game that I ever produced, selling over 250,000 copies on five different computers. Most of my commercial games took almost a year in spare time to produce, but OMAHD was a sort of a one off. From start to finish, it was completed in under 10 weeks including all of the programming, design and graphics. The music currently playing is a midi reworking of Rob Hubbard's classic C64 sound track for the game. This C64 YouTube link is fun
Click here for the instructions.

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Lap of the Gods

Play Lap Of The Gods

Of all the games that I wrote, Lap of the Gods is my favourite and I feel best game. It generally received good reviews with the magazine Crash awarding it 80%, not bad for a £1.99 game! Sadly, it didn't sell very well (around 20,000 or so) and Mastertronic did not have the confidence to convert it to other formats. Initially they rejected the game, then took it on in a bit of a rush as they had a Spectrum "slot" that they needed to fill in their publication cycle. This Youtube link is fun
Click here for the instructions.

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War cars Construction Set

Play War Cars Construction Set

War Cars Construction Set was the last game of mine that was commercially published. Firebird (part of British Telecom) launched the game on their new mid budget label at the price of £2.99. Firebird converted the game to the C64 and Amstrad CPC but both conversions were poor and flawed. Overall, the game bombed and only hit around 60% in reviews. However, I do still like the game even after all this time.This YouTube link is fun
Click here for the instructions.

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